Taylor Farms

Taylor Fresh Foods was founded by Bruce Taylor and several partners in 1995, with the quest of becoming America’s favorite salad maker.

We have partnered with the finest companies in North America to provide excellent quality salads and fresh cut vegetables for our loyal customers. We constantly innovate with new products and improve production methods to continue to earn our customers and consumers trust. As North American's take greater interest in enjoying healthier diets, we will continue to work to offer more convenient, great tasting choices in more points of access for consumers like you to enjoy.

Taylor Farms' high quality salads and vegetables begin with high quality farming families. By strategically aligning ourselves with family farmers all over the nation, Taylor Farms has improved the freshness and quality of all your favorite products.

Many say farmers were America’s first environmentalists. This continues to be true today. Our growers are committed to using sustainable growing practices such as crop rotation, water management, minimal use of synthetic fertilizers, and crop protection tools; all in order to pass their ground on to the next generation in a fertile and productive condition.


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