Subway Commercial Promotes Avocado Consumption

Friday, June 14, 2013

Story By:

Sarah Hoxie

Reporter at
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Sacramento, CA

images 061213Subway has recently launched a new commercial touting avocado consumption: “It’s Avocado Season.” The summer promotion features two women vying to outdo each other with escalating comedic demonstrations of their love of avocados.

“I’m totally in love with the avocado on this sub,” states one of the women.

“I love avocado so much, I started a Facebook page,” responds the other.images 061213Hopping on the avocado bandwagon, Subway Canada has started to offer avocado at participating locations as well.

"Summer is the perfect time to enjoy these fresh and tasty healthier topping options Canadians have been looking for," said Kathleen Bell, director of national marketing, SUBWAY® Restaurants of Canada.

"Not only is avocado a delicious option for summer, it offers a wide range of nutritional benefits," said SUBWAY® executive chef Chris Martone.

Marketing Author Jonathan Salem Baskin said in a Forbes opinion piece, “The entire spot has one takeaway: Subway has avocados. You can’t avoid it, just as you can’t read anything else into the commercial. This is brilliant because it says so much by saying something so simple and factual.”