Litehouse Foods Instantly Fresh Herbs

Friday, May 17, 2013

Welcome to What's In Store. Litehouse Foods is welcoming the growing popularity of the company's newest product innovation, the Litehouse line of freeze dried Instantly Fresh™ Herbs. The new items are the perfect ingredient for providing exceptional flavor and aroma to any dish. Just add a little water in order for them to reconstitute completely, and spice up your culinary creations.

The line presents 15 different herbs from basil, chives and lemon grass, to jalapenos, dill and an Italian herb blend. The Instantly Fresh Herbs offer the convenience of dried herbs, but the taste of fresh. Once the herbs are re-hydrated, they will instantly bring signature tastes and aromas to anyone's favorite foods. The product is valuable for both the retailer and the consumer as they cut down on spoils, waste, and cost containment.

As we head into BBQ season, the Summer months present perfect opportunities for adding a little flavor to any grilling occasion as additions to marinades, rubs, sauces, salads, appetizers and entrees. The perfect placement for these herbs is next to the fresh herbs suggesting the next best alternative to fresh. The Litehouse line can also be cross-merchandised in a retailer's meat and deli divisions as meal accompaniments and enhancements to help drive sales. Check out the spice of life with Litehouse. Thank you for joining us for this episode of What's In Store.

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