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Frieda's Kicks Off Grilling Season with Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes

Frieda's Kicks Off Grilling Season with Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Now that grilling season is underway, sure, you can grill meat, but it’s when you bring produce into the mix that things get colorful. I’m talking bright red bells, sharp green zucchini, dazzling yellow squash, and now, the latest grillable option giving me heart eyes: Frieda’s Specialty Produce’s Stokes Purple® Sweet potatoes.

Cindy Sherman, Director of Marketing, Frieda’s Specialty Produce“We wanted to take shopper favorites and put a grilling twist on them, just in time for summer,” said Cindy Sherman, Director of Marketing. “We had fun making summertime S’MORES more colorful by adding a schmear of purple sweet potato on the graham cracker, or cooked a Stokes Purple Sweet potato right on the grill (wrapped in foil) as part of our exploration. Grilling these unique products develops richer, brighter flavors, making them a great addition to any summer BBQ.”

Frieda’s suggests consumers cook its Stokes Purple Sweet potatoes right on the grill, or even in a s’more

Frieda’s offers consumers a new and exciting option to toss on their grills this season, building on the popularity the potato category already has. According to a press release, recent research shows that potatoes are the second favorite vegetable to grill, right after corn.

“When you combine that with the fact that 68 percent of shoppers want to add more vegetables to their summer tables, it is a no brainer that shoppers would be looking for ways to grill and serve sweet potatoes, specifically Stokes Purple Sweet potatoes. Their firmer texture and balanced sweetness make them the ideal potato for grilling and summer sides,” Sherman commented.

Potatoes rank just behind corn as consumers’ favorite produce to grill

To help consumers make the most of its Stokes Purple Sweet potatoes, the culinary experts at Frieda’s came up with several grilling- and picnic-friendly recipes inspired by sweet potatoes and other summer favorites. Some of the favorites include grilled Stokes Purple sweet potatoes, grilled cauliflower steaks with romesco sauce, honey lime jackfruit skewers, and a mayo-free, vegan Stokes Purple sweet potato salad.

Check out these great recipes at the Frieda’s new recipe portal here.

AndNowUKnow will keep reporting on all the ways to take advantage of summer food trends.

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