To-Jo Mushrooms Supports Breast Cancer Awareness with Save the Ta-Ta’s Campaign

To-Jo Mushrooms Supports Breast Cancer Awareness with Save the Ta-Ta’s Campaign

AVONDALE, PA - To-Jo Mushrooms is taking a stand on behalf of Ta-Ta’s everywhere with its latest fundraising event. In the lead up of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the company has launched a new campaign, lovingly entitled, “Save the Ta-Ta’s.”

Tony D'Amico, President, To-Jo Mushrooms“Getting involved with organizations that benefit our surrounding communities is important to us here at To-Jo Mushrooms,” said company President Tony D’Amico. “It is rewarding to see our employees rally behind causes that are important to them.”

To-Jo Mushrooms’ Wellness Team modeling the “Save the Ta-Ta’s” Campaign T-shirts: (from left to right) Adriana Palombit, Ivan Hernandez, and Samantha Snyder

To-Jo will begin fundraising this week, carrying on its efforts through the month of October. The campaign will encompass various planned fundraising activities, including the following.

  • To-Jo “Save the Ta-Ta’s” pink bracelets
  • To-Jo “Save the Ta-Ta’s” T-shirts
  • A 50/50 raffle
  • Costume jewelry sales

To-Jo's latest fundraising event in honor of upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness month

All proceeds from the company’s fundraising efforts will be donated to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition, which strives to live out its mission of “Representing, supporting, and serving breast cancer survivors and their families here in Pennsylvania.” According to a press release, money raised will support PBCC’s educational programming, legislative advocacy, and breast cancer research grants.

AndNowUKnow would like to give a shout out to the fine efforts of To-Jo Mushrooms, and encourage people throughout the industry to support this more-than-worthwhile cause!

To-Jo Mushrooms PA Breast Cancer Coalition

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