4Earth Farms' Mark Munger and Dave Hewitt Discuss Year-Round Organic Program

4Earth Farms' Mark Munger and Dave Hewitt Discuss Year-Round Organic Program

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Consumer demand for organic produce is growing at a record rate, threatening to outpace supply, and leaving retailers nationwide struggling to keep their shelves stocked with ample offerings of organic SKUs year-round. But 4Earth Farms, a leading Southern California supplier of conventional, specialty, and organic produce, is taking the organic supply challenge head-on, with a burgeoning year-round organic program. 

Mark Munger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 4Earth Farms“4Earth Farms is uniquely qualified to tackle the year-round supply challenge,” said Mark Munger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “4Earth Farms was built on foodservice and retail program businesses that demands consistent supply and pricing. We have taken our program experience and methodology and applied it with great success to our Organics division, providing our customers with a consistently high year-round fill rate.”

4Earth Farms Organic Brussel Sprouts

Through research and development, testing, and its network of worldwide strategic partnerships, 4Earth Farms is offering more organic SKUs year-round than have ever been available before.

Dave Hewitt, Director of Sales, 4Earth Farms“Every month we are adding new items to our ‘year-round’ organic list,” added Dave Hewitt, Director of Sales. “We just added year-round organic Brussels Sprouts, which brings our year-round organic offerings to over 40 SKUs in the 4Earth Farms label!”

4Earth Farms' Organic Mini Sweet Peppers

In addition to Brussels sprouts, the company has recently added sweet peppers and kiwifruit, with more offerings in the works. For grower/shippers like 4Earth Farms, expanding and extending the season for any organic program is a complicated undertaking. The process requires acquiring or reallocating certified organic land, testing ideal seed varieties to meet retailer specifications, and choosing the right climate to reduce bug and environmental pressures on organic crops.

Besides 40 organic SKUs produced under the 4Earth Farms label, the company also offers an additional 60 organic SKUs under other grower labels, over 150 conventional SKUs, and more than 100 specialty produce items—as well as providing value added services, private label packing, and logistics.

4Earth Farms' Organic Kiwi

AndNowUKnow will continue to report as the company expands its product line and brings more year-round organic offerings to retailers and foodservice customers.

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