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Austin Hamilton Joins Father, President Kent Hamilton at Southern Valley, Dug Schwalls Comments

Austin Hamilton Joins Father, President Kent Hamilton at Southern Valley, Dug Schwalls Comments

NORMAN PARK, GA – At Southern Valley, the family nature of the business has been growing stronger. President Kent Hamilton’s son, Austin Hamilton, has chosen to follow just a little closer in his father’s footsteps after transitioning into a more integral role at the company.

Austin Hamilton, Southern Valley“I grew up helping my dad on the farm–riding the tractor with him, going to work with him–that’s how it goes in a family farming operation, but I’m so happy to now be back on the farm working alongside him,” said Austin. “As we continue to expand and grow, Dad has had to divert his focus to some of our other operations. That has left me here overseeing much of what we do at our Georgia farm. We’ve been very blessed over the years and are just extremely grateful for how far we’ve come. I consider it a privilege and an honor to get to help farm my family’s land and provide food that feeds the nation.”

Kent Hamilton, President, Southern Valley

“I’m very impressed with Austin’s attention to detail and how well he is managing the growing side of the operation,” Kent commented. “The fields look outstanding and I think we’ve got one of the best crops we’ve had in years. I couldn’t be more proud of the young man and farmer he has grown into and am very comfortable turning the reigns here in Georgia over to him.”

Workers harvest pepper while Kaylee Hamilton looks on. Circa 1995.

And the farming operation is grateful to have him. In the company's 30-year history, Southern Valley has consistently remained family-owned and operated with a progressive and innovative approach. The fully-integrated company handles the entire operation, from seed to shelf.

Dug Schwalls, Director of Business Development, Southern Valley

“It’s always fun to have the young guns come in,” said Dug Schwalls, Director of Business Development. “I remember when my brother and I came back to the farm after college–we were the young ones of the produce industry, but we were hungry for growth and expansion too. Austin is that same way. He’s eager to try new things, to grow, to change. We’re thrilled to have him on board continuing to push us in progressive and innovative ways–just like his father does.”

Austin is the third generation to enter into the family farming business, starting shortly after college three years ago. The company was started by his father, uncle, and grandfather, and then shortly thereafter transitioned into the hands of his father and grandmother.

As the agriculture industry's family roots continue to grow deeper, AndNowUKnow will continue to report on any developments.

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