Baloian Farms' Jay Angulo and Florencio Cruz Discuss Tailored Partner Services

Baloian Farms' Jay Angulo and Florencio Cruz Discuss Tailored Partner Services

FRESNO, CA - Just as clothes tailored to fit your body make for the best possible outfit, a partner tailored to fit your company needs leads to the most successful business outcome. Enter Baloian Farms, using meticulous attention to detail and its highly driven team to create unique programs for each of its customers.

Jay Angulo, Sales, Baloian Farms“It’s important for us to get to know our customers, their particular packs, timetables, desired loading locations, loading frequencies, and their weekly usages,” explains Jay Angulo, Sales. “We take all that information and design a service level tailored for each customer that involves detailed forecasting and advanced planning to overcome the difficult supply positions, freight situations, holidays, and any other curveball that can and will present themselves for a produce company any given day.”

But that’s not all Baloian does.

At its strategically located Fresno, California, facility, Baloian Farms is able to grow celery, Romaine lettuce, Romaine hearts, green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, spinach, Napa cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and much more

The supplier’s team monitors everything from the ground up, and with several different strategically located operations, Baloian is able to offer a wide variety of products, ranging from Romaine lettuce to daikon.

Florencio Cruz, Ranch and Harvest Manager, oversees the company’s Fresno, California, operation that plays a key role in Baloian’s fall program, which stretches down to Coachella, California.

Florencio Cruz, Ranch and Harvest Manager, Baloian Farms“I’ve been working for Baloian for the last five years,” he explains. “I’m in charge of all the wet veg and leaf lettuce. I specialize in all the growing, I watch over all the irrigations, water testing, product testing, trying to keep all of the [sic] E.colites out of the system for all of our customers and services.”

Backed by a dedicated team that keeps all parts of the system running smoothly, Baloian Farms is positioned to offer its partners a custom experience to meet their specific needs.

Florencio Cruz and Jay Angulo are part of the dedicated team making Baloian Farms' customized services possible

To see what else the grower has to offer, watch the exclusive video above.

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