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Baloian Farms' Luis Corella Discusses Nogales Warehouse Operations in Exclusive Behind the Greens Video

FRESNO, CA - Recently garnering the title of Agribusiness of the Year, it’s no secret that Baloian Farms continues to optimize its operations to provide high-quality offerings year-round. With such an esteemed title, Luis Corella, Regional Manager for Baloian Farms Mexico, had to clue us in on some of the keys to success behind the company’s formidable operations and grower network.

Luis Corella, Regional Manager, Baloian Farms Mexico“Located in Nogales, Arizona, Baloian Farms is better able to service our grower partners who spread from Hermosillo to Sonora, Mexico, down to Culiácan, Sinaloa. The proximity of our Nogales warehouse to the growing regions allows for shortened transit times and expedited delivery at the warehouse,” Luis points out.

Baloian Farms’ main growing season out of the Nogales office extends from early October through mid June, and with rigorous quality standards in place, the grower ensures only the highest quality vegetables make it to the market.

Baloian Farms' Nogales Warehouse Office places superior customer service at the forefront of its strategy

“Our strict quality control both domestically and abroad gives us the ability to service our broad customer base, which ranges from retail to foodservice and wholesale markets,” Luis adds.

The location and heightened expertise of the individuals at the Baloian Farms’ Nogales office allow the company to offer a year-round program without interruption, with a seamless transition between growing regions.

The proximity of Baloian Farms' Nogales warehouse to the growing regions allows for shortened transit times and expedited delivery at the warehouse

“Aside from packing quality vegetables, Baloian Farms also strives to excel in customer service. To accomplish this, Baloian Nogales communicates closely with our other offices on a year-round basis in order to anticipate customer needs, be proactive in resolving any unforeseen challenges, and load customer trucks in a timely fashion,” Luis concludes.

To dive deeper into the strategies backing its operational growth, be sure to check out the exclusive video featured above!

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