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Bob McBride and Jose Saldivar Win Chelan Fresh ROCKIT™ Apple Quiz

Bob McBride and Jose Saldivar Win Chelan Fresh ROCKIT™ Apple Quiz

SACRAMENTO, CA – Chelan Fresh’s Rockit™ apple drew a crowd frenzied to prove themselves to the mini fruit and their fellow industry pals in our latest Quiz Quix.

If the leaderboard is anything to go by, members of the produce industry near and far attempted to pluck the $100 cash prize ripe for the taking and were eager to read and race to prove their apple variety knowledge.

However, two apple enthusiasts stood out from the rest.

For the buy-side victory, Jewel Osco Produce Buyer Bob McBride nabbed the victory with the fastest time and the most points.

Claiming the supply-side victory, Elite Border Logistics's Jose Saldivar beat out competitors with his quick scores and high points.

Check out the leaderboard below to see if you, or someone you know, made it with the best contenders on Chelan Fresh info.

As for what stumped all those taking this round’s Quiz Quix, and those looking for a hint if they haven’t had a try yet, see what caught the majority of quizzers:

Most Missed Question

How many ROCKIT™ Apples can be found in each unique package?


3, 4, and 5

If you missed your chance to show-off your Rockit™ knowledge, don’t worry! You can quiz yourself and compare your scores with our winners by following the green link below. While you won’t be eligible to win our prize, you can stay in the know about our next quiz by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Chelan Fresh Rockit Quix

To compete in Quiz Quiz events to come, just sign in either via email or one of several social media accounts, and you’ll be all ready to jump into the competition for $100 cash!

Quiz Quix is our way of encouraging some healthy, fun, informative competition within the industry. Signing in will give us a token to verify you and allows us to put your name in the ranking. It doesn’t give us access to more than your name and email address. Participants must have a valid email address registered in their individual name in order to play.

Congratulations Bob and Jose!

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