Bobalu Details Strawberry Harvest Update

Bobalu Details Strawberry Harvest Update

SANTA MARIA, CA - Reminiscent of red holiday lights on a green Christmas tree, Bobalu strawberries are being harvested in California and Mexico as the winter gets in full swing.

“We are happy to say that we are still harvesting fruit from our fall crop here in California in December! Yes, there is some rain in the forecast, so we are working around that as much as possible to ensure the best quality,” Bobalu stated in a recent email crop update. “Overall, we are pleased with the crop and excellent fruit coming off our first fall program in Oxnard this year. We look forward to this being part of our annual program moving forward.”

Fall Bobalu strawberries are being harvested in California and Mexico as the winter gets in full swing

Already Bobalu has planted its 2023 crop in both the Santa Maria and Oxnard, California, regions. While the company transitions from 2022 to 2023, it will fill in supply gaps with fruit from Mexico.

As Bobalu went on to explain, the strawberry plants in Mexico look healthy, producing fruit that is large in size, with good firmness and excellent flavor. As the season progresses, the grower will continue to see increased volume crossing and appreciates this region as a complement to its California program during this part of the year.

Overall, Bobalu is seeing excellent fruit coming from its Oxnard, California, production as it harvests around the rainy weather

“We are very pleased with our program here this year and see a lot of great fruit coming across the border on a much more regular basis as the season unfolds here,” Bobalu added.

In addition to providing crop updates, the supplier also shared information about its sustainability achievements. Recently, Bobalu has been working behind the scenes on new programs to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle throughout its operation. One achievement includes a clamshell label made from material that will support a fully recyclable clamshell.

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