Brett Burdsal Talks SunFed Organic Growth

Brett Burdsal Talks SunFed Organic Growth

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RIO RICO, AZ- SunFed is continuing to help boost organic growth in produce departments with expansions across its programs in Mexico’s fertile growing regions. This year the company will be shipping organic Roma tomatoes as well as bell peppers with an eye on enhanced sustainability practices and technologies. 


As SunFed invests in increasing its product offerings, the company will also be expanding its organic distribution with product available through both Nogales Arizona, and its operations in South Texas over the coming months. New Tech

New developments in state-of-the-art protected agriculture technology are allowing SunFed growers to tap into the resources within their different growing climates while adapting new and exciting sustainability practices. 

Brett Burdsal, Vice President of Marketing“Our growers try to take advantage of every natural resource available to them, and work hand-in-hand with Mother Nature everyday. From proprietary greenhouse coverings to developments in organic soil applicants and climate control, our family of growers is always looking for new ways to define organic growing,” Brett Burdsal, Vice President of Marketing, tells me. 


When a plant is introduced to the right balance of energy and more uniform light, SunFeds’ growers are able to produce a better quality vegetable, with thicker walls, a longer shelf life, and amazing flavor.

“It is remarkable what revolutionary new technologies allow us to utilize the individual benefits of each of these micro-climates.  For instance, when energy, UV, infrared, are filtered to allow the right quality and quantity, you create the ideal environment to grow a high-quality vegetable,” Brett adds.

Not only is the environment for the plant better, but for the growers and team members as well.  As much as 98% of what is grown by SunFed partners ends up in the company’s boxes and the team attributes that to an overall balance between the workforce, the health of the land, and what gets translated to the plant.

“Each of our growers have found different ways to diversify their operations while remaining stewards of the land.  One of our partners built reservoirs around his operation in which they harvest and grow sweet water shrimp and fish. The nitrogen-rich water is used to keep the surrounding forests and soil rich and supported, an aside from the organically-maintained greenhouses themselves,” Brett says. “The reservoirs also balance the dryness of the climate and reflect more sunlight for the plants in the fall and winter months.  Essentially, they have surrounded themselves with water and a carefully balanced eco-system.” Growers

The ever-innovative team at SunFed also offers retail partners merchandising support and marketing materials to extend the story of SunFed to the produce floor as well.  Romas and bells peppers will be shipped under the company’s Perfect Organic® labels, which promote the USDA certified-organic nature of SunFed items and ensure the produce is rung up correctly and with ease at the register.

“While challenges with items rung-up incorrectly at the register may persist, SunFed is going the extra mile to help retailers identify products at checkout,” Brett adds. “Reports show that up to 40+% of organic product is misrung at the register, and we feel our produce with their wide, eye-catching organic bands will cut that significantly down.” Product

With the growing demand for organic fresh produce on an upward trajectory, we are sure to see more of SunFed’s continued evolution as 2016 rolls on.


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