Church Brothers Documents Move to Yuma California with Enhanced Facility

Each year, companies in California’s San Joaquin Valley begin the process of transitioning down to the desert growing regions of Arizona and California. One of these growers, family owned and operated Salinas, California-based Church Brothers, recently documented a facet of this transition with the break down and reconstruction of its processing and packing plant from San Juan Batista, CA to Yuma, AZ.

Church Brothers disassembled the whole processing facility, packed it on trucks and began the 600 mile to trip to the company’s Yuma operations.

From start to finish the process takes approximately 64 hours, moving 11 production lines with 55 trucks and 175 hands on deck to help with the move. The event kicked off November 1st and by Saturday evening at 9 pm the facility was up and running and ready to go. In an effort to share the hard work and ingenuity that goes into a process like this, the company had a video produced to document the move.

Ernst Van Eeghen, Director of Marketing & Product Development, tells AndNowUKnow, “This is something we do like clockwork every year. This year we have enhanced the facility with additions that include improved and refurbished wash lines to optimize our food safety capabilities.”

Church Brothers will be offering fresh produce items such as spring mix, arugula, spinach, romaine, chopped romaine, salad mix, coleslaw, whole leaf, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, cilantro, parsley, and kale.

Ernst continues, “This year was again successful with no complications during the process. This was our fastest and best move in the history of the company.”

Thanks Church Brothers, for the behind the scenes look!

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