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Church Brothers Featured in Wendy's Profiles in Quality Video

Church Brothers Featured in Wendy's Profiles in Quality Video

SALINAS, CA - In keeping up with the legacy of standards left by its founder, Dave Thomas, notable restaurant chain Wendy’s has released the first in a series of videos titled Profiles in Quality, meant to champion its fresh produce suppliers. The star of the chain’s first video Lettuce… From Start to Fresh, is the team at Church Brothers Farms. 

Steve Church, Owner, Church Brothers Farms

“Growing up, I always wanted to be in the produce business. I always dreamed about it,” says Steve Church as the video pans across the broad fields of lettuce at one of the company’s farms.

Steve and Tom Church, and their dedicated team, continue to divulge in the video the decades-old standards of quality, commitment, and drive which have led not only to their success, but a solid partnership with the Wendy’s chain. 

From monthly water testing, micro testing, and other guidelines on quality growing from the chain, Church Brothers says that this partnership has helped them produce a product that they love, and also grow as a company. 

Tom Church, Owner, Church Brothers Farms

“This is my sport," asserts Tom Church, as the video sweeps in high-graphic images over workers, well-functioning machinery, and of course, beautiful lettuce. "I don’t want anyone to do a better job than us.”

Watch the Wendy’s-produced video above for a glimpse into the motivation and dedication of the Church Brothers team, and to learn more about its partnership with the restaurant chain… from start to fresh.

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