Cindy Jewell Reflects on What it Really Means to Stay Connected

Cindy Jewell Reflects on What it Really Means to Stay Connected

WATSONVILLE, CA - Cindy Jewell, marketing maven and produce mainstay, has once again taken to the newswire to share her wisdom with us. In a piece titled, “What It Really Means to Stay Connected,” the President of Jewell Marketing outlined how we as an industry can better connect, especially during trade shows.

Cindy Jewell, President, Jewell Marketing“Our industry associations have shifted into virtual trade shows for 2020, which also requires us as attendees and exhibitors to step up our game capturing those valuable customers on our computer instead of a show floor, a meeting room, or the hotel bar,” Jewell commented. “As a marketer, I am focused on ensuring visual tools, new programs, and now trade shows booths and materials are easily translated to a digital world. What we are also learning is that our industry (just like our families) have different levels of expertise and comfort with maneuvering within this new platform.”

With United Fresh LIVE! in our rear view mirror, we have the perfect backdrop to reflect. Jewell outlined several key takeaways from her own experience, noting what you as an industry member should know going into the next virtual trade show.

  1. Make sure you schedule this convention as real ‘out of office’ time. Don’t try to juggle trade show events into your regular work week. Pretend you really are Out of Office!
  2. Pre-register so you can receive all the event updates that will surely be delivered to your inbox helping you to better organize your schedule during the show
  3. Take time to visit booths, talk to exhibitors through the platform, and download the materials shared. Even if you don’t have time to review information while at the booth you will have the content on-hand later
  4. Attend the general sessions and workshops every day. It’s a great time to connect with colleagues and hear from industry experts in the comfort of your office
  5. Attend the happy-hour sessions and network with friends even if you are in the wrong time zone!

Cindy Jewell, President of Jewell Marketing, penned “What It Really Means to Stay Connected,” detailing invaluable takeaways as our industry gears up for the next virtual trade show

“What I enjoyed the most about the United trade show was the ability to visit booths beyond show hours. I spent one evening at home, enjoying a glass of wine, walking the show floor, and leaving messages for friends that I would normally see at the convention in their booths. It was so gratifying to receive several returned messages the next morning as they each arrived at their booths,” she expressed. “As this shift in how we communicate may be a part of doing business in the long term, I am excited about collaborating with other marketers, our trade associations, and customers to help make our future virtual communication productive, easy—and most importantly—enjoyable until we meet again.”

With more virtual news on the horizon, AndNowUKnow will continue to be there to report the latest.

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