CMI Branded Apples and Pouch Bags Continue to Drive Apple Category Sales

CMI Branded Apples and Pouch Bags Continue to Drive Apple Category Sales

WENATCHEE, WA – Branded apples and pouch bag programs are continuing to be a huge contributor to CMI’s success in the category, according to a recently revealed Nielsen FreshFacts data report.

After compiling all fresh apple brands, varieties, and packages sold in nearly 19,000 supermarkets nationwide, excluding private label and unbranded apples, the report shows that CMI’s apple brands experienced a 41% dollar increase for the most recent 52-week period.

Steve Lutz, Vice President of Marketing, CMI“On average, apples carrying a CMI brand drive an 8.5% higher price than the category average and 44% higher than unbranded apple packages,” said Steve Lutz, CMI’s Vice President of Marketing. “Those larger transactions go right back to driving year-over-year increases in retail performance.”


The biggest stimulants behind this increase were CMI’s pouch bag programs and branded apples, such as Ambrosia™, KIKU®, and Kanzi®. Each pouch bag and branded apple carries a higher than average retail price point and subsequently drives incremental dollars for retailers into their category.

And there are still many more significant opportunities to come, Lutz suggested in a press release.

“The reality is the vast majority of apple category dollars are driven by unbranded and private label products,” he said. “Unbranded apple sales declined by nearly 10% over the past 52 weeks while CMI brands jumped by over 40%. The evidence is quite compelling that this is the way every supermarket can drive incremental apple category performance.”

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