CMI Orchards' Kanzi® Apples Sponsors Red Bull Crashed Ice Event Athlete

CMI Orchards' Kanzi® Apples Sponsors Red Bull Crashed Ice Event Athlete

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PAUL, MN – CMI Orchards’ Kanzi® apples are helping folks walk out of January feeling proud of their achieved New Year’s resolutions after sponsoring Matt Johnson at Red Bull Crashed Ice, a well-renowned intense action sports event, which is packed with adrenaline as those competitors race down an ice track at up to 50 mph and navigate jumps, drops, and steep banks. That sounds like one wild ride, but one that Kanzi apples wanted to bite into.

The branded apples partnered up with a Minneapolis-based retailer to offer shoppers the chance to win a VIP Red Bull Crashed Ice event experience in St. Paul, MN, which ran January 19th-20th. After aligning with the retailer for the promotion, the apples saw an increase in sales—1,471 percent increase in bulk sales, 875 percent increase and 299 percent increase in two-pound pouch bag sales in CMI’s Orchards’ Daisy Girl Organics™, respectively.

Professional Athlete Matt Johnson

“Kanzi apples have always performed well in our stores, but the results from this promotion really blew us away,” said Vadnais Heights, Minnesota-based Paul Leslie, Manager of Produce, in a recent press release. “The energy in our stores was awesome. The efforts by our entire produce team not only created impressive displays for our customers, but those same displays drove huge sales.”

The promotion has helped CMI’s branded apples to segue into the market with ease and a punch of fun that is only matched by its punch of flavor.

Paul Lerom, Buyer, H. Brooks & Company“Kanzi is officially on the map here in Minnesota,” said Minnesota-based produce supplier Paul Lerom, Buyer for H. Brooks & Company. “Minneapolis has for many years been the top Braeburn market in the United States. We think the Twin Cities have discovered a new favorite apple.”

Kanzi seems to be involving the flavor varieties that are boosting sales and exciting customers, with the help of promotions such as this one highlighting the accessibility of the branded apple.

George Harter, VP of Marketing, CMI Orchards“The cross of the sweetness of Gala and the tang of Braeburn gives Kanzi the perfect balance of sweet and tart,” said George Harter, Vice President of Marketing for CMI Orchards. “Allowing consumers to taste this great apple during in-store promotions, along with the absolutely phenomenal displays created by the highly creative produce managers, made this promotion a home run.”

Matt Johnson, a Kanzi-sponsored athlete from the event, will be adorned in his Kanzi jersey at Red Bull Crashed Ice events through the 2017/2018 World Championships, which concludes March 9th and 10th in Edmonton, Canada. He jumped at the opportunity to discuss the promotion.

Matt Johnson, Red Bull Content Pool

“I’ve always been a Honeycrisp fan. I mean, the apple was born here in Minnesota, just like me. The moment I tried Kanzi I knew I had a new favorite,” Johnson explained. “I’ve had so many of my fellow athletes compliment me on my jersey and having Kanzi in our prep room, available to all of the athletes in St. Paul, was so cool.”

Kanzi Apple Display

Educating and celebrating unique traits that this branded apple has to offer, like two and five-box shipper displays and retail point-of-sale materials, Kanzi’s program looks to catch every eye perusing the produce aisles.

“We have the tools to help retailers get the word out that Kanzi apples are something special,” Harter added. “One of Europe’s favorite apples, the popularity of Kanzi is exploding in the U.S. Retailers can work with us to build promotions that capture Kanzi sales.”

How will this promotion trickle into sales development throughout the year? AndNowUKnow will continue to keep you up-to-date with the latest fresh produce industry trends!

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