Concord Foods Updates Its Caramel Apple Products

Concord Foods Updates Its Caramel Apple Products

BROCKTON, MA - Nowadays you can find me curled up in a ball under my desk sobbing about the end of the California State Fair (or at least I am in my head). I don’t think I’m the only one crestfallen that fair season is coming to a close, knowing that the smorgasbord of fanciful fair food will have to wait until next summer. Or so I thought. Concord Foods is answering my prayers and giving consumers a new reason to pack their shopping baskets with apples with the revamping and upgrade of its Fresh Success Caramel Apple Wrap and Caramel Apple Kit with M&M’S® Candies.

Samantha McCaul, Marketing Manager, Concord Foods“At Concord Foods, we are constantly researching emerging trends to innovate and improve our products,” commented Samantha McCaul, Marketing Manager. “Our team takes great pride in developing products that meet consumer needs and create opportunities for our retail partners to increase fresh produce sales.”

Concord Foods is updating both the packaging and the formula for its two caramel apple products. The Fresh Success Caramel Apple Wrap, first launched in 1983, offers consumers a fool-proof way to make their own caramel apples right at home. The kit is simple—consumers place the caramel wrap on a fresh apple, insert the provided wooden stick, and heat it up in the oven for just five minutes. The Fresh Success Caramel Apple Wrap has the added bonus of being completely free of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

“With consumers caring more and more about what ingredients they’re consuming, we were excited at the opportunity to improve the recipe of one of our most popular products,” said McCaul said, in a press release. “Shoppers depend on our quality products and we feel this is a step in the right direction to better serve our customers.”

The new Caramel Apple Kit is a smaller version of their original product

The company’s Caramel Apple Kit with M&M’S candies now comes in a new smaller package, which frees up shelf space and offers more display options. Concord Foods teamed up with M&M’S brand parent company, Mars Wrigley, for this masterpiece. The Caramel Apple Kit comes with microwavable caramel, M&M’S candies, and wooden sticks, so consumers have everything they need to make delicious caramel apples at home.

The Caramel Apple Wrap contains enough ingredients for up to five caramel apples, and can be found on retail shelves for $2.89. The Caramel Apple Kit with M&M’S candies come with ingredients for four decorated caramel apples, and retails for $5.99.

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