Deardorff Family Farms Launches New Fresh Picks by Deardorff Organics Program

Deardorff Family Farms is launching its first ever direct-to-consumer “CSA” (Community Supported Agriculture) program called“Fresh Picks by Deardorff Organics.” Ventura County residents can sign up via Farmigo to get a variety box of the company's certified organic, locally grown veggies every week or every other week. The boxes will be offered in a single uniform size for $25 a piece and can be grabbed at several pick-up points that include the Whole Foods in Oxnard as well as the Deardorff facility in Oxnard and locations in Camarillo.

The company is also partnering with the Whole Foods-Whole Kids Foundation and will donate 1% of its CSA sales to that Foundation which supports local Ventura County schools-gardens, salad bars, and teacher nutrition education programs.

Whole Foods recently produced a short video on Deardorff highlighting the company's organics program and involvement in a local school garden at Harrington Elementary School in Oxnard. Deardorff has been donating seeds and transplants, and helping the students plant and harvest their veggies.

Christine Smith, Fresh Picks Coordinator, tells AndNowUKnow, "The programs creates a direct relationship between the farmers and the people while aligning with our goal of incorporating fresher, healthier produce into people’s food choices. This is an easy and simple way to engage consumers while contributing to our next generation of produce aficionados."

Each week, the company will harvest a variety of its certified organic vegetables from its fields in Oxnard, Camarillo, and Piru for the program, which will help to offer consumers countless combinations for healthy, delicious meals. A host of categories will be available in each box and Deardorff will offer different varieties each week based on freshness and seasonality.

The products range from tomatoes, celery and kale to collards, beets, carrots, squash and string beans. For those items that Deardorff does not grow like avocados or citrus, the company will be partnering with other local certified organic growers to supply those fruits and veggies for the program. Deardorff will also be keeping customers informed of harvest, variety information and recipe ideas through the grower's website.

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