Dole Food Company Introduces Pineapple Passionfruit Summer “Refresh” Drink

Dole Food Company Introduces Pineapple Passionfruit Summer “Refresh” Drink

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA - We knew it wouldn’t be long before we saw consumers getting savvy with passionfruit recipes when we learned that it was named Flavor of the Year for 2022. What we didn’t expect was Dole Food Company released its own variation of the summer drink hitting the pavements. Dole’s Health and Nutrition Communications Manager Melanie Marcus, MA, RD, posted a video of her take on the soon-to-be-iconic drink, and we couldn’t wait to share it for you to make for yourself.

Dole Food Company released a new summer drink recipe inspired by passionfruit being named Flavor of the Year

Marcus is known for her unique twists and for being a strong presence in Dole’s recipe development, such as the latest batch in the Dole Healthy Heroes, Assemble! campaign inspired by Marvel’s new Thor: Love and Thunder movie. In her latest release, we see Marcus hitting up the grocery store to grab:

  • 4 oz DOLE® Pineapple (2 pineapples)
  • 4 oz unsweetened coconut water
  • 3 oz unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1 oz passionfruit

To make this delectable concoction, combine these four ingredients in a blender and top with diced, fresh pineapples. For an optional, more concentrated kick, crumble freeze-dried pineapple on top. Dole’s latest recipe gives consumers a chance to try out the drink for themselves who aren’t able to get their hands on the one available at Starbucks® or if they're looking for a healthier, easier-to-find alternative. As noted in the release, Marcus’ rendition is created with whole fruit, all-natural ingredients, and no added sugar. Additionally, the recipe yields two servings with 60 calories per 6 oz serving, nearly half the calories available at Starbucks.

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I imagine this would be the go-to drink for many shoppers this summer to beat the heat here in the States, and with its all-natural ingredients, this is a libation many will want to take advantage of.

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