Edible Software’s Charles Butler Shares Why You Need Traceability

Edible Software’s Charles Butler Shares Why You Need Traceability

HOUSTON, TX – In the face of multiple food safety-related scandals in recent months,Edible Software is looking to give the produce industry an upper hand when it comes to traceability.

Charles Butler, Vice President, Edible SoftwareThe inventory control and traceability provider offers a full suite of solutions pertaining to food inventory so that your company can maximize efficiency and ensure traceability at every step in the supply chain. Charles Butler, Edible Software’s Vice President, spoke with me briefly to share more about what this company has to offer.

“No one is exempt from traceability,” he says. “In the event of a recall, traceability can help significantly limit liability and losses, as well as prove in most cases that your company was acting responsibly and not negligibly.Edible Software is a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider that can reduce all the guesswork in product recalls and shorten the timeframe in which all affected products can be identified.”

Edible Software: Traceability, Purchasing & Receiving, Inventory, Payables & Receivables, General Ledger, Pricing, Order Entry, Repacking

At the click of a button, Edible Software reports all finished goods, raw materials, and all transactions within a given lot on a single document. Users can also trace product back from a sales invoice to identify the originating vendor of the raw material, and all processing runs in which that product was used.

In addition to inventory control and traceability, Edible Software also helps wholesale food distributors manage slotting, receivables, receiving, accounting, order entry, purchasing, repacking, and more.

Since its foundation in 1980, the company has grown significantly to accommodate the needs of the produce, meat, fish, grocery, cheese, baked goods, and beverage industries.

“We are not afraid to take risks,” Butler says of Edible’s growth in the past decade. “When I started about 11 years ago, Edible Software was a simple package but today its functionality has been enhanced in ways we never thought could be possible.”

With Edible Software, your company can stay one step ahead in food safety.

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