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The Fresh Solutions Network's Kathleen Triou Dishes on SEPC Southern Exposure and Side Delights®

The Fresh Solutions Network's Kathleen Triou Dishes on SEPC Southern Exposure and Side Delights®

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Kathleen Triou knows how to put the “fresh” into fresh ideas, vision, and growth. With SEPC’s Southern Exposure just weeks away, companies across the produce industry are ramping up their messaging and portfolios to wow attendees at one of the most coveted events of the year. As the President and CEO of the Fresh Solutions Network (FSN), Kathleen is taking advantage of this time of year to share details of a program that has made the company one of the leaders in the potato category.

Kathleen Triou, President and CEO, Fresh Solutions NetworkWe’ve got a full range of potato types available due to the geographic distribution of our farms, and the potatoes are high-quality across a range of sizes,” Kathleen shares. “For the Fresh Solutions Network growers of the Side Delights potatoes, the location where the potatoes are grown matters, and so does the journey the potato takes from seed to store to ensure the best-tasting potatoes on the market.”

For FSN, both of these key messages are reinforced under the company’s B2B and B2C campaign, Grown Where It Matters, which will be energizing the booth at Southern Exposure.

“Back in October, we launched a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) video and podcast-based program that invites consumers and buyers to step into our potato fields and experience for themselves why our potatoes are Grown Where it Matters.”

At SEPC in Tampa, Florida, visitors to the FSN booth #426 will enjoy viewing the VR videos with 3D goggles that immerse viewers in the unique and fascinating world of potato farming.

“We are also launching our new ‘Journey of a Potato’ video. This groundbreaking—literally—video follows a potato’s lifecycle from seed to store and answers questions its viewers probably never thought of,” Kathleen says. “Engaging with consumers, buyers, and merchandisers through storytelling is a powerful marketing tool, as shoppers take an increasing interest in growing practices, harvests, packaging, and the role sustainability plays in the production cycle.”

When I ask Kathleen what makes FSN a leader of the potato category pack and a standout supplier and grower network for customers, she reflects that FSN growers dig deep to ensure outstanding customer service for its customers.

Fresh Solutions Network touts its grower network, innovative marketing campaigns, and more as reasons for being a leader in the potato category

“We own the land, our sheds, our transportation, and thus, we are directly accountable for the quality and safety of the potatoes we sell. The only way to have more control over your potatoes would be to farm them yourself!” she says and laughs. “Also, we approach innovation collaboratively with retail partners.”

FSN designs its products to add value for shoppers and differentiate the company’s retail customers from their competition.

“We also realize that SKU rationalization is a hot area for retailers,” Kathleen notes. “We work with our customers to customize their assortment. Think of it as high SKU IQ—a smart assortment of locally sourced and nationally distributed products tailored to consumer preferences, down to the store level.”

Kathleen and the Fresh Solutions Network know their message like the back of their hands. And at this year’s SEPC Southern Exposure, they are primed to deliver in vision and flavor. Check out booth #426 to see, hear, and taste for yourself.

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