GEM-Pack Berries’ Michelle Deleissegues Dives Into Strong Berry Forecast

GEM-Pack Berries’ Michelle Deleissegues Dives Into Strong Berry Forecast

IRVINE, CA - Fields of berries are clear in my mind, the subtle scent wafting through the screen, as Vice President of Marketing Michelle Deleissegues details GEM-Pack Berries’ current berry harvests. With excellent quality in the forecast, take a stroll with me as we travel through the supplier’s growing regions to stock your aisles.

Michelle Deleissegues, Vice President of Marketing, GEM-Pack Berries“Our strawberries are showing excellent quality. We are currently harvesting in Florida and Central Mexico, and the weather has been good in Mexico so far,” Michelle shares. “Florida is just getting started, and the berries have been beautiful! We did have to dodge the hurricane in Florida when planting this year, but fortunately, Plant City survived it well. Mexico is strong right now, and Florida is ramping up very quickly with strong volume for Christmas business.”

Last week, Michelle tells me, strawberries were priced at $30–$32. The grower expects the market to ease up some this week and will definitely be dropping as we see berries coming from the grower in Mexico and Florida.

GEM-Pack Berries is currently harvesting strawberries in Florida and Central Mexico, with excellent quality in the forecast

Weather has been a challenge for many growers the past year, but thankfully these delicious berries will be pulling through spectacularly. Currently, Mexico is one-third into the season and is peaking in volume now. Florida, on the other hand, should peak in mid-February.

Over in California, GEM-Pack’s harvest is winding down with plans to start Baja California, Mexico, on January 1; Oxnard, California, on January 15; and Santa Maria, California, on February 1.

Strawberries are definitely going to land in my basket, but another berry has caught my eye recently: pineberries. My curiosity was soon satisfied as updates on increased plantings reach my ears.

The berry supplier has also increased its plantings of pineberries in Florida, with early season weather positively impacting stem volume and quality ahead of Valentine’s Day

“We increased our planting of pineberries in Florida and look forward to that specialty item gaining with retail and consumers in upcoming years. It’s always fun and exciting to present a new product so well-received,” continues Michelle. “Early season Florida weather has also been conducive to high-quality long stems, and we are optimistic about stem volume and quality for Valentine’s Day.”

Another berry shoppers can look forward to from the grower is the sweet raspberry. GEM-Pack’s raspberry program has seen consistent growth, and the company has ramped up its planting this year to match the demand.

Dusted berries, puréed jam, tasteful grazing boards—the category is a definite boon during this time of year, and your shoppers will be on the lookout for these delectable morsels. Keep an eye out for ANUK as we report on the latest.

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