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Grimmway Farms' Bob Borda Discusses the Active Onion Market

Grimmway Farms' Bob Borda Discusses the Active Onion Market

BAKERSFIELD, CA - While I view recipes as pure suggestion, there’s one item on ingredients lists that isn’t just a recommendation, but a no-ifs-ands-or-buts, capital-M Must: onions. And I’m not the only shopper who knows that onions are the perfect ingredient for almost any recipe, especially in the summer—hello prime grilling season! To make sure that this season’s onions are spick and span and ready to meet my cooking pan, I checked in with Bob Borda, Vice President of Organic Sales for Grimmway Farms.

Bob Borda, Vice President Organic Sales, Cal-Organic Farms“We’re offering organic yellow, white, and red onions through our seasonal dry onion program, and quality looks great this year,” Bob began. “We’re currently harvesting yellow and white onions, and we’re anticipating good supply of yellow onions through the Thanksgiving holiday and a limited supply of white onions through August. Due to weather conditions, we’ll have a limited supply of red onions over the next month, however we’ll be back to normal supply of red onions in September.”

Due to weather conditions, supply of red and white onions will be limited in the coming months

Specifically, Bob pointed to unseasonable heavy rains and cooler temperatures through May that contributed to a reduction of overall organic onion supplies. Given this, Cal-Organic is experiencing an active organic onion market across all varieties compared to last year.

“In addition to our seasonal dry onion program, we have a steady supply and great quality of year-round, fresh Cal-Organic green onions,” Bob added.

Grimmway is anticipating a good supply of yellow onions through the Thanksgiving Holiday

Retailers, it sounds like you have a lot of onion options when it comes to summer promotions this year, which is spectacular news for consumers like me who are ready to jump back in the kitchen and sizzle up some onions!

For the latest crop and market updates across all categories of fresh produce, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow.

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