Hapco Farms' 2015 Watermelon Program is in Full Production

Hapco Farms' 2015 Watermelon Program is in Full Production

RIVERHEAD, NY - Hapco Farms’ watermelon program is currently shipping out of Florida in full production this month.

Raquel Mello, Sales for Hapco Farms“The fruit is looking excellent with high sugar content and volume is very strong as we start the season,” Raquel Mello, who handles watermelon sales for Hapco Farms, said in a press release. “With over 25 years of experience in shipping watermelon, we not only supply watermelon but we provide experience and knowledge to our customers.”

Hapco Farms ships from a total of 800 acres of land, working with retailers on packaging by offering hundreds of pounds of watermelon per bin.

“We offer private label graphic bins that can hold 700 pounds of watermelon, making it a turnkey buy for retailers,” Mello said.

Specialists from the company work with retailers on running the watermelon program for the season, assisting with things like:

  • Handling inventory management
  • Logistic tracking
  • Category performance evaluations
  • Purchase orders
  • Short and spot buys

According to the company, it maintains strong grower relationships in order to deliver fruit throughout the summer months without any anticipated gaps or shortages in supply, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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