Houweling's Hosts Sustainable Farm Field Trip

As part of the 2nd annual Seedstock Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Conference, Houweling’s Tomatoes brought 50 conference attendees to tour its world-renowned 125 acre sustainable farm in Camarillo, CA.

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Drawing the most enthusiasm from the group was the opportunity to step inside Houweling’s Ultra Clima overpressure greenhouse, featuring 22 acres of vines with the ability to seamlessly supply, local California grown tomatoes year-round, according to a press release. “I love watching people take that first step into the Greenhouse,” says Casey Houweling, President and CEO. “The look of wonderment on their face as their senses take in the sights, sounds, and freshness within the greenhouse.”

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David Bell, Chief Marketing Officer, says Houweling’s is proud to invite conference guests to tour its farm. “We’re able to dispel a lot of myths about greenhouse growing and certainly inspire others to find a way to push the envelope when it comes to sustainability,” he said.

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Sustainability was the main focus of the tour. The group learned about the company’s water conservation efforts and energy projects including its 5 acre solar PV field and 3 GE Jenbacher Ecomagination generators. Not only was the project the first in California to qualify for an AB1613 power purchase agreement, but it also generates 13.2 MW of power, exceeding the company’s needs and allowing supply back to the grid. Additionally, 15.9 MW of thermal energy is captured and stored to heat the greenhouse and finally, the flue gases are purified into CO2 for plant fertilization, diverting the annual emissions equivalent of over 6,000 cars.

To learn more about Houweling’s sustainability efforts, please click the link below.


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