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Kingdom Fresh Shows Off Packaging Innovations at Viva Fresh

Kingdom Fresh Shows Off Packaging Innovations at Viva Fresh

DONNA, TX - Judging by top panel conversations at produce gatherings, not to mention the buzzwords of today’s industry, sustainability is a driving factor. While this has seen an increasing uptick, Kingdom Fresh’s actions say it saw the writing on the wall as far back as 2016.

Jaime Garcia, General Manager, Kingdom Fresh“We have been offering biodegradable pack styles for three years now; we started before this recent movement from companies promoting these,” Jaime Garcia, General Manager, tells me, pointing to the announcement of the company’s compostable/biodegradable carton tray.

As suppliers continue to anticipate and react to retail demands for less plastic waste, Kingdom Fresh is only expanding an already existing focus.

Alberto Gonzalez, CEO, Kingdom FreshAs Alberto Gonzalez, CEO, shared with ANUK when making these initial strides known, “This packing is a huge reduction on the usage of plastic, which means less contamination in landfills. We believe that with a product grown from seed to tomato in a sustainable way, we have to also use packaging that reflects that.”

Having invested in lessening its environmental impact, the company is looking to expand what it packs in the compostable trays.

Kingdom Fresh began using eco-friendly packaging as far back as 2016 and has only expanded the use since

“We have seen how the industry is adapting to these changes from consumer pressure asking for a solution to the overconsumption of plastic and its years of decomposing. We now pack 35 percent of our organic grapes in these trays and are working on our organic roma and vine ripe 4 packs,” Jaime says, assuring me these will be available for buyers to view at Viva Fresh.

Don’t miss your chance to encounter this increasingly eco-friendly option in San Antonio, Texas. The Kingdom Fresh team will be there at booth #45.

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