Limoneira's John Chamberlain Discusses California Citrus

Limoneira's John Chamberlain Discusses California Citrus

SANTA PAULA, CA – With winter behind us, and the allure of a sunny spring and heated summer ahead of us, what’s in store for the citrus market? With recent rains keeping current and upcoming crops moistened, the reputable fonts of information at Limoneira have projected consistent and appealing conditions at this stage in the season.

John Chamberlain, Director of Marketing, Limoneira

“We’re definitely happy about recent weather conditions and the much needed rain given California’s six-year drought,” Director of Marketing John Chamberlain tells me of the company’s current outlook. “We’ve been maintaining flexibility with our harvest crews and really haven’t been hampered much. Our quality and sizing has been good so far.”

Limoneira is currently harvesting out of the San Joaquin Valley and along the Central Coast of California, in addition to just finishing packing citrus out of the California Desert. Limoneira is currently in production of its regular, Meyer, and pink lemons, Navel oranges, and specialty citrus.

“The lemon market is similar to last year and the orange market is much better in the export arena as well as the domestic market as we work through a smaller crop.” John says. “Navel Oranges were delayed slightly, but as the weather gets drier the picks will increase to round out supply.”

John asserts that any prolonged wet cycles may continue to mildly delay harvest schedules, but the company is confident that it can work around nature’s forces. Currently, Limoneira is moving into production of its Blood Oranges, Cara Caras, Minneolas, and then grapefruit later this spring.

As the industry moves through January and heads into February, Limoneira is promoting all things health through its One World of Citrus™ program.

“February is the month of love and beauty, so Limoneira will talk about citrus benefits for skin and hair,” John says. “Couples can enjoy lemon drop martinis and learn how to create eye-catching complexions.”

Limoneira is offering its retailer partners great tips on how consumers can incorporate citrus into their busy lives, through information produced and distributed each Friday.


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