Magic Sun Farms' Anthony Otto Discusses New Snacking Line Ahead of United Fresh

Magic Sun Farms' Anthony Otto Discusses New Snacking Line Ahead of United Fresh

RICHMOND, VA - The United Fresh 2019 Convention and Expo is just around the corner and with June nearly upon us, the team at Magic Sun Farms is preparing to showcase an exciting portfolio for attendees in Chicago, Illinois.

Sales Manager Anthony (Tony) Otto joins me in the run-up to the show to dish on the Magic Sun message and vision for United Fresh.

Anthony Otto, Sales Manager, Magic Sun“This year, we will be featuring our new snacking line, including grape tomatoes, organic grape tomatoes, and medley tomatoes. We have also seen an increase in demand for our extra-large organic beefsteak variety which is a really eye-catching element to bring to the floor,” Tony tells me.

When I ask Tony why the snacking focus has become such a big part of Magic Sun’s portfolio, he reflects that the company made the decision to begin harvesting snacking tomatoes because the consumer demand has changed.

Magic Sun Farms will be showcasing a dynamic portfolio of tomatoes at this year's United Fresh Expo

“Shoppers want the high-flavor, versatility, convenience, and shelf-life that comes with these smaller offerings. The addition of a snacking line really fills out our portfolio and gives us an exceptional line-up of tomato offerings,” he shares. “We are continuing to grow and expand with new greenhouse additions bringing us to just under 200 acres of hydroponic greenhouse space spread out over several of the best high-elevation growing areas in Mexico.”

The new offerings, plus Magic Sun’s improved logistics, will help the company to better serve its retail and wholesale partners this year.

The more competitive the fresh produce landscape becomes, the more important the need becomes to build lasting relationships for long-term success with buying partners.

The addition of a snacking line fills out Magic Sun's portfolio and gives the company an exceptional range of tomato offerings

“There are many benefits to working with a year-round, integrated grower like Magic Sun,” Tony explains. “We offer a full-line of tomatoes, including organic options, delivered direct from our farms for the best quality and the freshest possible product. We take pride in the great service levels that we are able to give to our customers.”

As a grower-owned company, Magic Sun has threaded a strong sense of ownership and pride in growing and marketing its tomatoes throughout its team and operations.

In addition to new products, Magic Sun improved its logistics to better serve its retail and wholesale partners

“We truly want to exceed expectations and bring the best product to our customers. There has been a lot of excitement over the last couple of years surrounding our new branding, new organics, our snacking line and our team continues to grow as we reach new milestones,” Tony tells me.

Check out the Magic Sun portfolio as well as the team behind the program at United Fresh booth #9019 in Chicago, IL, on June 10-12 and enjoy all that the show has to offer!

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