Mastronardi Produce Announces Ontario Expansion with New Golden Acre Farms Partnership

Mastronardi Produce Announces Ontario Expansion with New Golden Acre Farms Partnership

KINGSVILLE, ON - On the heels of entering a new U.S. state with an Ohio greenhouse, Mastronardi Produce has announced yet another move for growth closer to home. The company has expanded its exclusive partnership with Golden Acre Farms to extend its local produce production with a greenhouse facility in Kingsville, Ontario.

Paul Mastronardi, President, SUNSET®“This local partnership right here in Kingsville will enable us to reach more Canadian consumers and provide that fresh, local flavor, even in the middle of winter,” shared President and CEO Paul Mastronardi.

Mastronardi greenhouse

The newest addition to the company’s reach will bring SUNSET® brand cucumbers to more Canadians year-round, according to a press release. Spanning 21 acres of fresh cucumbers, using advanced supplemental lighting to continue producing through the winter, Golden Acre’s President and Owner, Luis Chibante, expressed his own enthusiasm for the next step in the partnership.

Luis Chibante, Owner, Golden Fresh Farms“I’m excited to continue working with the SUNSET® team and harvesting our new crop this week,” Chibante said. “We’re incredibly proud to bring our community high-quality, local produce.”

With SUNSET® cucumbers already available, you can get more information on how to order by emailing the company’s sales team at



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