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Meet The Avocado Family, West Pak's Newly Launched Digital Campaign

Meet The Avocado Family, West Pak's Newly Launched Digital Campaign

MURIETTA, CA - The holidays are around the corner, so it’s time for family, but West Pak Avocado, Inc. has a different family experience in mind for you. The global packer, shipper, and distributor is launching a new digital campaign called The Avocado Family. That sounds like a family I wouldn’t mind spending quality time with.

Founders Randy Shoup and Galen Newhouse are setting a redesigned stage for CEO Mario Pacheco to take over and project the future of the company soon. With a fall administrative transition set, the goals for this new digital campaign will establish that the founders’ focus on industry relationships, the global markets, and industrious innovations for the branding of its avocados will live on once the torch is passed.

Galen Newhouse, Co-Founder, West Pak AvocadoThings are evolving at West Pak as Randy and I look to retire,” said Co-Founder Galen Newhouse in a press release. “With all of the dedicated people that we have in place and all of their years of experience in this industry, we firmly trust where they will take the business. West Pak will continue to be a family company, built on the foundation of strong ethics and a real sense of family, which is something that carries through from our team to our growers, distributors and customers alike.”

West Pak will introduce a new website, www.theavocadofamily.com, alongside an accompanying mini-documentary to give viewers insight into the organization’s rich history, revolutionary business plans, and its key stakeholders.

Randy Shoup, Co-Founder, West Pak Avocado“We’ve been blessed to have good performance in business, but the true blessing is our people; Those who contribute and take ownership in what they do as if it was their own. The Avocado Family campaign will be a part of the legacy that we leave our team, part of our family for the past 35 years, and the foundation for the values that they will carry forward,” said Co-Founder Randy Shoup.

If you want a peek into the transformation of the West Pak organization before January, you need not look any further than this weekend’s PMA Fresh Summit, where the organization will launch the trailer for the video and microsite.

West Pak's newly launched digital campaign

The company will be exhibiting in booth #5319, where you can get a warm welcome from The Avocado Family. Snap a picture at the booth and use the hashtag #TheAvocadoFamily for a chance to win prizes from the folks at West Pak.

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