Mission Produce Rolls Out Wide-Ranging 'Avocado Intel' Program to Focus on Avocado Category Knowledge

Mission Produce Rolls Out Wide-Ranging 'Avocado Intel' Program to Focus on Avocado Category Knowledge

OXNARD, CA - You can never know too much about avocados, and, thanks to Mission Produce, retailers and shoppers now have a one-stop-shop for all their avocado questions right in the grocery aisle. Mission Produce announced the launch of ‘Avocado Intel,’ a full-scale avocado knowledge resource, meant to help customers and strengthen Mission’s position in the global avocado marketplace.

“As an innovator in the market, Mission is taking the leadership position in providing our customers with the most comprehensive intelligence available. By offering category management services for our customers, and providing additional information through newsletters, market analysis, and insights, we’ve positioned Mission to help our partners strategically grow their sales by harnessing our knowledge base,” said Brent L. Scattini, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Brent Scattini, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mission ProduceOffering a full slate of tools, the ‘Avocado Intel’ program is designed to provide actionable information for Mission’s account base. Mission’s latest program showcases the company’s category management expertise and its ability to analyze the avocado category diligently and effectively.

“Over the years, I’ve worked with different associations on category knowledge, but individual shippers haven’t really taken advantage of the information tools that are available. At Mission, we utilize IRI data, as well as additional resources, to offer our customers timely data to help them manage this important and growing category,” said Jennifer Anazawa, Category Manager.

Periodic newsletters provide avocado insights

In line with Mission's latest ‘Avocado Intel’ program, Anazawa was hired recently to analyze category management data and bolster the company’s position.

Denise Junqueiro, Director of Marketing, Mission Produce“Jennifer has years of experience in avocado-specific category management, and she brings a wealth of knowledge to the sales and marketing team,” said Denise Junqueiro, Director of Marketing. “The genesis of the program started when I was hired to handle customer-specific marketing initiatives. As the category management program has taken off, we’ve expanded to include additional information products and identified the need to have a full-time category manager on staff."

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