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NatureFresh™ Farms' Chris Veillon Talks Special Microsoft Feature

NatureFresh™ Farms' Chris Veillon Talks Special Microsoft Feature

LEAMINGTON, ON – Keeping at the head of the market comes with some inherent strategies and focuses. One of these, as NatureFresh™ Farms can attest, is retaining a keen eye on technology and its possibilities. 

To increase its overall operational efficiencies, NatureFresh Farms relies on the capabilities of Microsoft and Priva to boost its company even higher. As Chris Veillon, Director of Marketing, recently told me, it is this premium mindset that led to NatureFresh Farms’ spotlight feature in a recent Microsoft video. 

Chris Veillon, Director of Marketing, NatureFresh™ Farms“NatureFresh Farms was contacted by Microsoft via Priva, as they wanted to feature three of their top technology partners in North America,” Chris shares. “Given the uniqueness of greenhouse vegetable growing, NatureFresh Farms was the perfect fit. We utilize many different modules and platforms from both Priva and Microsoft.” 

In the video, company Owner and President Peter Quiring explains to viewers how Priva and Microsoft enables NatureFresh to produce higher yields in its greenhouses. Operations Manager Frank Neufeld describes how the tech allows NatureFresh consultants to make a greater impact on the company from offsite. 

“This video further demonstrates how NatureFresh Farms uses the latest in technology to increase our overall efficiencies. As Peter and Frank both note in the video, this technology allows us to deliver better products to retail customers at a faster and more consistent rate than ever before,” Chris continues. 

For NatureFresh Farms, technology means more than just a suite of office programs on a computer. The foundation of the company is built off of Microsoft’s core technology. Combined with Priva’s technology, this dual system covers and uplifts nearly every facet of NatureFresh Farms’ vertically-integrated operation. 

“An operation like ours needs 24/7/365 care to efficiently manage the 175 acres we grow in both Canada and the U.S,” Chris continues. “Growing is not just about eventually putting a ripe piece of fruit in a box, there are many processes in place for that item to get to retail in peak shape."

From proper and exact growing techniques, to growing its sustainability efforts, NatureFresh Farms’ partnership with Microsoft and Priva allows the company to process its data faster than ever, nearly seven times faster in some cases.

Want to see how technology has boosted this company, firsthand? Watch the video above.

As NatureFresh Farms continues to invest in innovative measures to keep ahead of the curve, AndNowUKnow will continue to report as the company makes headlines.

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