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Ocean Mist® Farms Launches Annual Gold Standard Artichoke Promotion

Ocean Mist® Farms Launches Annual Gold Standard Artichoke Promotion

CASTROVILLE, CA - Spring has arrived, and one thing we’ve all been looking forward to is the influx of artichokes. Ocean Mist Farms is making the wait worthwhile as it recently announced the launch of its annual spring promotion, elevating the health and nutrition of its famous Gold Standard artichokes. Ocean Mist Farms is building on the 24,762,290 consumer impressions achieved with the Gold Standard promotion over the last two years—proving there is an audience ready for artichoke engagement and information sharing.

Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist® Farms“In the midst of an uncertain year, we are proud to share one of the few things we know for certain, our Gold Standard artichokes,” said Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing at Ocean Mist Farms. “Ocean Mist Farms artichokes are THE Gold Standard for superior immune-boosting nutrition and a top source of fiber, as one whole, cooked artichoke packs nearly 7 grams of fiber—about a third of the daily minimum target. Today, more than ever, this superior nutrition coupled with Ocean Mist Farms artichoke expertise brings the Gold Standard to your produce department.”

With this promotion, Ocean Mist Farms will highlight its artichoke prowess to assure trade partners are aware of what goes into the Gold Standard distinction as well as shine a light on the phenomenal nutritional qualities of fresh artichokes and the value that can be brought to their shoppers.

Ocean Mist® Farms has announced the launch of its annual Gold Standard artichoke promotion, which has already garnered almost 25 million consumer impressions over the last two years

For nearly 100 years, Ocean Mist Farms has cultivated artichokes in California and has harnessed the expertise to claim the Gold Standard distinction, stated the company’s release. This legacy and experience are defined by the grower’s unique growing and harvesting practices and steadfast commitment to care for the community and land.

Chosen for its optimal soil and microclimate, Castroville, California, is home to Ocean Mist Farms’ spring artichoke production, with the heaviest supply production being in April.

Philip Barrientos, Artichoke Commodity Manager, Ocean Mist® Farms“Artichoke ad volumes are available as we want to make certain that our shoppers have easy access to the nutrition we are promoting,” commented Philip Barrientos, Artichoke Commodity Manager.

Ocean Mist Farms is supporting retail sales for the Gold Standard promotion with a variety of marketing activations centered on the premium standard of artichokes the grower is known for. On-pack messaging will reinforce shopper awareness of Ocean Mist Farms branded artichokes and its Gold Standard commitment. The brand will also drive visitors to the artichoke nutrition webpage and encourage shoppers to purchase artichokes at their local grocery store with the help of the new Destini locator tool.

Earlier this year, Ocean Mist Farms conducted its annual Peace, Love & Artichoke promotion from February 15 through March 15 to kick off the 2021 Coachella artichoke season. With this promotion, Ocean Mist Farms earned a total of 391,728,968 brand impressions and 177,688 promotion-specific website visits, and 29,154 shoppers participated in the sweepstakes opportunity. To further engage with consumers, Ocean Mist Farms is hosting the Gold Standard Giveaway from April 19 through May 14.

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