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Pure Flavor Adds Richard Yousseff, Duff McDonald, and Mira Skaljac to Its Expanding Team

Pure Flavor Adds Richard Yousseff, Duff McDonald, and Mira Skaljac to Its Expanding Team

LEAMINGTON, ON - One of the trademarks of a growing company can be found in the evolution of its team. This year, greenhouse innovator Pure Flavor continues to be on that upward trajectory, and is introducing a few new faces to the squad as it carries out its vision and growth objectives.

Jamie Moracci, President, Pure Flavor“Every year we have been adding new talents, and leaders from across the industry. Whether that is accounting, marketing support, packaging and R&D, or adding daily operational roles, we have a dynamic company to build and the right people to do it,” Jamie Moracci, President, tells me. “We look for individuals who have a great attitude and an enthusiasm that helps Pure Flavor bring in new innovative items and continue to improve and refine our current product offerings.”

Richard Youssef, Commodities Manager, Pure FlavorOne of the new faces to the team this year is Richard Yousseff, who has joined Pure Flavor as the company’s Commodities Manager. Richard has worked in the produce and food industries most of his life. He joined Pure Hothouse after more than 10 years within the produce industry.

“Richard’s experience is diverse and extensive,” Jamie, says. “He has held a variety of positions in a number of departments including logistics, warehousing, and shipping/commodities.”

Watching a company evolve is in Richard’s wheelhouse. In his last role as a Commodities Manager, Richard developed and grew the department from the grass roots level.

Also new to Pure Flavor and looking to increase efficiencies and drive the company forward is Duff McDonald, who has been hired as Logistics Manager.

Duff McDonald, Logistics Manager, Pure Flavor

“Duff brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company. He has practiced in the fields of Logistics for more than 30 years,” Jamie shares, noting that each segment of the operation must run smoothly and that Duff will help in executing that goal.

With a growing team, there is definitely one department that will always remain in demand: Human Resources. Coming to the company as Pure Flavor hits its stride and looks to the spring growing season is Mira Skaljac, who has assumed the role of Director of Human Resources.

Mira Skaljac, Director of Human Resources, Pure Flavor“Mira joins our team with over twenty years of Human Resource experience and professional training education that will be able to help Pure Flavor get to the next level. Her focus will be on all employee related functions, performance and training development, talent retention, and strategic planning for all areas and locations of the company,” he tells me.

When I ask Jamie how the team defines the company culture and vision, he tells me that Pure Flavor strives to create a great working environment and continues to find new ways to inspire the team and broaden their experiences beyond their current potential.

“We pride ourselves on having strong leadership pioneers to lead the team who will listen to a range of insights,” Jamie, says. “Our commitment to building strong relationships with the entire team, from top to bottom will help each to align with the company’s goals and strategies on a regular basis.”

Pure Flavor is only beginning to tell its 2017 tale, so stay tuned as the company continues strengthening its team, values, and goals.

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