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Ready Pac Releases Three New Complete Salad Kits

Ready Pac Releases Three New Complete Salad Kits

IRWINDALE, CA – Ready Pac Foods, Inc. has launched a new line of complete salad kits in time to bring friends and families together for the holidays: Cranberry Pomegranate Complete Salad Kit, Autumn Harvest Complete Salad Kit and Thai Complete Salad Kit.

Tristan Simpson, Chief Communications Officer“It’s amazing what a shared meal can do to bring us closer together,” says Tristan Simpson, Chief Communications Officer, Ready Pac Foods. “A good meal can open up our hearts, stimulate conversation and remind us how important it is to reconnect with our family and friends. I love the idea that our Ready Pac Complete Salad solutions are helping to do that for families across the country.”

According to a press release, Ready Pac’s new Autumn Harvest Complete Salad Kit features baby kale and spring mix with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and radicchio. To achieve a fall flavor, it also has crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds, sweet figs and raisons, spiced cornbread croutons and creamy citrus and brown sugar dressing.

The new Cranberry Pomegranate Complete Salad Kit features a fresh blend of arugula, baby greens and radicchio, feta cheese, sweet cranberries, honey roasted almonds and a tangy sweet pomegranate cranberry vinaigrette. The company designed this balanced holiday flavor to cater to all tastes.

Taking a step away from traditional holiday flavors, Ready Pac’s new Thai Complete Salad Kit features a blend of green leaf lettuce and spicy peanut lime cilantro dressing that pairs with crispy wonton strips and peanuts.

The company adds that these kits are easy enough for kids to prepare to help encourage everyone to be involved in preparing meals together.

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