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Red Sun Farms' Harold Paivarinta Discusses Exceeding the Expectations of Retail Partners

Red Sun Farms' Harold Paivarinta Discusses Exceeding the Expectations of Retail Partners

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO - The beauty of being a writer and a member of our industry is that “fresh” has so many meanings and can define anything from the quality of the produce to marketing initiatives and those ever so new and exciting ideas. Red Sun Farms is one company always keeping it fresh on all fronts and especially now as we ramp up for 2020.

Harold Paivarinta, Senior Director and Head of Sales for North America, Red Sun Farms"At Red Sun Farms, our collective goal is exceeding the expectations of our retail partners, but also recognizing trends and developing products for the future,” Harold Paivarinta, Senior Director of Sales shares with me. “A perfect example would be our Sweet Family. These products were developed using market research in the attempts to attract new produce buyers and shoppers who are looking for a healthy, delicious snack that delivers every time. We were confident that we could deliver a product that stepped outside the conventional norms of these produce categories and attract a wide variety of different consumers.”

With Christmas right around the corner and New Year’s just a stone’s throw away, Red Sun’s farms in Mexico are in its peak growing season and as such, the team is focusing on promoting its specialties in the market. And that Sweet Family is definitely making waves front and center.

Red Sun Farms' collective goal is exceeding the expectations of its retail partners, recognizing trends, and developing products for the future

“With people entertaining over the holiday season, they are on the lookout for specialties to make their dinners, appetizers, and snacks have a little bit more pizzazz. Our Sweet Family line of products will provide just that. Sweetpops, Sweetpeps, and Sweetpeaks were designed with the sole goal of separating us from the pack,” Harold says. “We wanted to create the ultimate snacking varieties and cement ourselves as one of the leading innovators in this category. This family of products showcase our innovation as high-tech greenhouse growers and sets the bar in regard to flavor, texture, and color, as well as packaging and marketing.”

For consumers who prefer a milder tasting tomato, Red Sun has its Monarch Pearls which pack a great crunch but aren’t as sweet as Sweetpops. For an array of flavors, the company has its Chef’s Collection which is a variety of different colored tomatoes, each with its own distinctive flavor.

Red Sun Farms developed fun packaging with quirky sayings and a distinctive look that allows its products to stand out in the produce department

“In controlling all aspects of the supply chain, from seed selection to delivery, we are proud of the fact that as an organization we own over 600 acres of high-tech greenhouses across North America,” Harold adds. “This gives us the ability to constantly test new varieties and develop different flavors and keep them in season all year round.”

The feedback Red Sun has received about its Sweet Family from retailers has been tremendous, Harold reflects.

“It is our role to support them in the promotion of our products,” he notes. “This is why we have developed fun packaging with quirky sayings and a distinctive look that allows them to stand out in the produce department. We have a vibrant, savvy tone that is associated with these products and it is reflected within our advertising messaging that gives a personality to these products, unites them as a family and appeals to a new, younger audience who is entering the grocery realm.”

Doubling down on fresh produce and fresh ideas is never the wrong way to go. Just ask Red Sun Farms.

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