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Red Sun Farms' Harold Paivarinta Discusses The Sweet Family Line

Red Sun Farms' Harold Paivarinta Discusses The Sweet Family Line

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO - Do you want an easy tip on how to put a pep in shoppers’ steps? Look no further than Red Sun Farms’ The Sweet Family line. With a new addition, Sweetpeaks, this line is primed and ready to take on consumers’ love for snacking—and boosts the ring at the register, too. I sat down with Harold Paivarinta, Senior Director and Head of Sales for North America, to learn more.

Harold Paivarinta, Senior Director and Head of Sales for North America, Red Sun farms“At our Canadian farms, our newest pepper crop has just been planted and should be producing by the end of March. In Mexico, our farms’ pepper crop is in full swing,” Harold remarked before dialing into particulars about The Sweet Family. “This year, we will be heavily promoting our specialty peppers. With that being said, we are excited to introduce the newest member: Sweetpeaks, which are long, sweet peppers that are colorful, crunchy, and very versatile.”

Red Sun Farms is looking to continue with the success of The Sweet Family product line

The new item joins the Sweetpeps, a snacking pepper that speaks to the uptick in consumers looking for snacking veggies.

“Every year, we are seeing an increasing trend in snacking varieties, as well as in specialties and organics,” Harold shared with me. “We attribute this to a smarter, more health-conscious consumer that is looking for a nutritious snack or meal option. These consumers are seeking a wide variety of flavors and textures to meet all their snacking and mealtime tastes. The vibrant colors and flavors of our Sweetpeaks and Sweetpeps, combined with their fun packaging and quirky messages, make them very popular. We expect that as consumers become aware of the quality and flavor that these new varieties will become a favorite as well.”

The newest addition to Red Sun's Sweet Family is the SweetPeaks long peppers

Not only does The Sweet Family line appeal to the health-conscious consumer, but it highlights Red Sun Farms’ commitment to offering a unique eating experience. Additionally, the packaging design inspires kids to reach for veggies rather than sweets—which parents know can be a tough sell!

“We all want our children to eat healthier and consume more fruits and vegetables, and The Sweet Family aligns with that. The Sweet Family line up appeals to a wide variety of individuals from kids to young professionals ‘on-the-go’ who want a tasty, healthy snack to someone who is hosting a dinner party and is looking for a unique way to add color, flavor, or crunch to their cuisine. These products are very versatile and that’s one of the characteristics that makes them so great,” Harold concluded.

A product that appeals to multiple generations? I can hear retailers saying, “Sign me up” right now! Stick with AndNowUKnow as we continue to cover the latest in all things produce.

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