Sobey's Monina Knox and Fresh Concept's Kyle Stock Win June 2019 Snack Cover Contest

Sobey's Monina Knox and Fresh Concept's Kyle Stock Win June 2019 Snack Cover Contest

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SACRAMENTO, CA - One of the things I love best about our industry is how much we all love produce. Your enthusiasm shines through in all you do, so we like to reward you for all your hard apple-searching work by sending out $100 in cash!

Returning champ Monina Knox came back to sweep the competition aside. Representing both the buy-side and Sobey’s, she had some large shoes to fill—but fill them she did! She spotted that apple like a produce pro and claimed the cash lickety-split.

Monina Knox, Organic Wet/Dry Veg Produce Sourcing Specialist, Sobey's

“What a perfect way for you to look at what’s going on in the produce industry and make a contest out of it! When people ask me how I know about what goes on in the industry I just say one thing…..ANUK!” Monina shared with me.

Kyle Stock, representing the supply-side and Fresh Concepts, celebrated his first-time winner status—and also showed off his comedic chops.

Kyle Stock, Procurement Analyst, Fresh Concepts Inc

“I stumbled upon The Snack by googling ‘the best produce magazine in the world,’ and they popped right up! I love reading The Snack because they sprinkle so many funny nuggets of wisdom throughout their pages. For example, I learned that carrots will help your vision, but beer will give you double vision! And I also learned that if life give you melons, then you’re probably dyslexic! Anyway, The Snack is amazing, and I look forward to reading every issue they produce.”

I think we’ve got a new writer on our hands!

Don’t worry about not winning this time! Subscribe to The Snack Magazine here (subscription is valued at $129 per year), and keep an eye out for future contest announcements on ANUK.

June 2019 Snack Magazine-Volume 41

Remember that contest rules require that submissions include a person pointing out the logo on the cover of The Snack Magazine, and the countdown only begins once we announce the contest in AndNowUKnow’s newsletter.

Congratulations to our June winners! We’ll see you all again when our July issue rolls out!

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