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The Star Group Wins Best New Product at CPMA 2018

The Star Group Wins Best New Product at CPMA 2018

COALDALE, AB - While CPMA is now but a fond memory, the team at The Star Group is still celebrating its CPMA Best New Product win for its “Inspired Salads” line! In response to consumer demand for a tasty and convenient product, The Star Group’s “Inspired Salads” line is gaining attention left and right for being designed around familiar salads and favorite meals.

David Karwacki, CEO, The Star Group“Our greens are so clean you probably don’t need to wash them, but we will,” said David Karwacki, CEO. “The lettuce is grown without the use of pesticides and is never touched by human hands until it is harvested. We have set out to grow the cleanest lettuce possible and are excited that it will now be a component of our award-winning ‘Inspired Salads.’”

Projected to launch August of 2018, The Star Group’s “Inspired Salads” line is packed with top-quality, local ingredients that are a culmination of the company’s partnership with some of the best in the industry. Set to be available in two pricing tiers, according to a press release, “Inspired Salads” are sure to wow with every bite, with plant-based pulse options and sous vide protein, in particular, offering a variety of taste and dietary options to grocery shoppers everywhere.

Inspired Greens greenhouse

While the “Inspired Salads” won’t be out until autumn, The Star Group has been taking the salad category up a notch for the last year with a few of its other offerings, like its line of whole head “Inspired Greens” lettuce, which includes Batavia, Oak, Butter, and Crispy. And thanks to the success of “Inspired Greens,” the company recently launched “Inspired Leaves” to build on the demand of whole head lettuce. Available in 142g and 284g packs, the “Inspired Leaves” line offers varieties like Canadian Reds, Crispies & Crunchies, Tender Leaf Blend, Butter Blend, Greenhouse Greens, Multileaf Blend, Lettuce Wrap Leaves, and Burger & Sandwich Leaves.

“Awards are nice, but we want to execute day in and day out with ‘Inspired Greens,’ ‘Inspired Leaves,’ and ‘Inspired Salads,’” Karwacki continued. “This is a game-changing line that we know consumers are going to love.”

Congratulations to The Star Group on its latest win! For more companies reaping rewards for their hard work, stick with us at AndNowUKnow.

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