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Stemilt Growers Releases Fruit Tracker™ Fast Facts Analysis for January Apple Sales

Stemilt Growers Releases Fruit Tracker™ Fast Facts Analysis for January Apple Sales

WENATCHEE, WA – Consumers have been making apples a focus through these colder months, it seems. Stemilt Growers has released its latest Fruit Tracker Fast Facts video analysis with apple category sales for 2017, paired with Nielsen retail scan data in comparison to the same time period from 2016. 

Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, Stemilt

“For the second consecutive month, the Central region topped national performance with 7.6 percent of produce sales coming from apples. This was up 0.1 percent from January 2016. With a large apple crop to move, it’s important that retailers across all regions model the performance of the Central region and continue to push apples with promotions as spring arrives,” said Brianna Shales, Communications Manager.

According to Fruit Tracker data, the Central region was the exception, when data showed both national and regional apples as flat when compared to January 2016. The data also showed that apple sales made up 6.8 percent of total produce department sales in January 2017 throughout the nation. 

The company noted in a press release that, of apple sales across the U.S., 11.5 percent of those in January were of Honeycrisp apples. These sales were up 2.8 percent from the same time period in the year prior. The average retail price per pound of Honeycrisp apples dipped $0.55 year-over-year, but still averaged a whipping $2.82 per pound. Stemilt stated that each year, supplies and the season length continue to climb across U.S. growing regions. 

Also in January 2017, 60.7 percent of apples were sold bulk, while the remaining 39.8 percent were sold as bags. Stemilt stated that 3 and 5 lb bag sizes seized most of the bagged apple sales, with a combined 81.8 percent of bags sold coming from one of those sizes.

“There are many club varieties for retailers, and consumers, to choose from now. Our signature apple variety, Piñata®, has been on the market since 2009 and has reached a point where supplies are steady year-over-year. The late winter and spring months are prime time for selling Piñata® along with its tropical theme, and so now is a great time to use this special apple to spark apple sales,” said Shales. 

Stemilt Pouch Bag

When looking at club apple varieties with its scan data, Stemilt noted that the following numbers for some of its star apples in comparison to 2016: 

  • Jazz: Average retail price increased 14.5 percent, sold 13.4 percent less volume.
  • Piñata®: Sold equal volume, retail price increased 2 percent.
  • Envy: Volume increased 33.8 percent, retail price increased 2.1 percent. 

“Bulk remains the primary dollar and volume driver to the apple category, and because of this should remain the primary feature in promotions. However, using three and five pound bags as secondary or in-and-out promotions is a great way to drive up the consumer purchase size. Stemilt’s bag line-up includes 3lb. Lil Snappers® kid-sized fruits and 5lb. Apple Lover pouch bags, both of which help retailers segment the apple category, while marketing intent to consumers. These options are ideal for upcoming promotions,” said Shales.

Stemilt noted that the timeframe of January’s scan data also showed the period as an important one for several up-and-coming varieties. 

What's next for Stemilt and apple sales? Stick with AndNowUKnow to find out.

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