Summer Citrus from South Africa CEO Suhanra Conradie Talks Recent Growth Moves

Summer Citrus from South Africa CEO Suhanra Conradie Talks Recent Growth Moves

CITRUSDAL, SOUTH AFRICA - What’s summer without citrus? As demand for the category continues to increase, Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA) is ramping up its business opportunities with retailers across the United States. This year’s significant growth in supply, the addition of new retail partners as well as new vessels to the Port of Houston, are creating a buzz around SCSA’s recently re-branded program.  

With summer citrus on the brain, CEO Suhanra Conradie joins me to discuss SCSA, and the excitement around the group’s continued expansion in the U.S. and growing distribution footprint.

Suhanra Conradie, CEO, Summer Citrus“Quality is good, with fresh, sweet fruit available as expected. Our expansion in the Port of Houston is something that is very promising for our growers,” Suhanra tells me. “We represent a group of South African citrus growers who consolidate their logistics, marketing, and sales efforts to bring the finest citrus fruit to market during the U.S. summer season. Now is the time to jump on-board.”

Bringing a business degree from the University of Stellenbosch, Suhanra joined the group in 2011 and has elevated the South African citrus presence in the United States by advocating the brand, bringing high-quality fruit from South African farms to the tables of families across the U.S. With a collaborative approach to building relationships, Suhanra’s goal is to ensure the development, expansion, and success of the South African citrus producers’ position in the U.S. market.

When I ask Suhanra what trends are currently driving the citrus category and how SCSA is responding to these changing consumer buying behaviors, she tells me that trends in portable fruit options have been an excellent opportunity for SCSA.

“This growth can be seen specifically with Easy Peelers,” she says. “People value having a whole fruit that they can throw in their bag and eat on-the-go, and Easy Peelers deliver that convenience along with good taste.”

In addition, SCSA has launched a new website and expanded the groups social media platforms to include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and are also currently running a Sweet Summer Sweepstakes and blogger partnership with three Texas bloggers to support growth in that area. 

With continued efforts to secure additional entry points into the U.S. market, you can be sure we will be keeping an eye out for SCSA’s accelerated growth and presence across the country.

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