Summer Citrus from South Africa Gives Overview of U.S. Program; Suhanra Conradie and Mayda Sotomayor-Kirk Comment

Summer Citrus from South Africa Gives Overview of U.S. Program; Suhanra Conradie and Mayda Sotomayor-Kirk Comment

CITRUSDAL, SOUTH AFRICA - We’re officially in September, which means summer is coming close to an end. As the industry looks back on an eventful August, Summer Citrus from South Africa’s (SCSA) Suhanra Conradie wanted to take a moment to reflect on the partnership between the United States and South Africa during a successful citrus season.

Suhanra Conradie, Chief Executive Officer, Summer Citrus from South AfricaOur mission is to complement local production in the U.S., and importers support and verify this,” Conradie, Chief Executive Officer of SCSA, wrote in the company’s latest update. “Thank you for your continued support in shipping, distributing, and selling the world’s finest Summer Citrus.”

Among the highlights between East Coast trade and the SCSA program, the company highlighted in a press release that:

  • The container service to the Port of Philadelphia is a valuable addition to the program and helps to get the product to the consumer quicker
  • Typically, importers are very proud to be associated with this group, especially those who were part of establishing the import citrus category
  • The producer’s sophisticated supply chain system in collaborating with the world’s shipping giants remains as its superpower

Here in the U.S., partners like Seald Sweet are singing praises for SCSA.

Mayda Sotomayor-Kirk, Chief Executive Officer, Seald Sweet“As the CEO of Seald Sweet, it brings me immense satisfaction to reflect on our longstanding partnership with Summer Citrus from South Africa. For many years now, this collaboration has been an integral part of our journey, and Seald Sweet has been privileged to be associated with it since its inception,” Mayda Sotomayor–Kirk, Chief Executive Officer of Seald Sweet, commented. “Our shared values and commitment to quality have not only strengthened our bond but have also contributed to the success story that we continue to script together.”

For more information, check out the release here.

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