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Sun World Shares Insight on Black Grapes and Driving Category Growth

Sun World Shares Insight on Black Grapes and Driving Category Growth

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Looking to aid retailers with key strategic insights, Sun World International has announced findings that suggest black grape promotions can improve category growth, market share growth, and improved margins. Retailers employing a key strategy of running black only grape ads can reap significant rewards in a burgeoning area of growth.

Gordon Robertson, Executive Vice President, Sun World International“Currently, we see 40 percent of all grape sales are on promotion,” noted Executive Vice President Gordon Robertson, in a press release. “Customers that are running black only ads are seeing category lift and improved margins. These ads are not intended to replace a red or green ad, but to be a best practice of balancing the amount sold on promotion while improving sales and margin.”


According to that press release, most recent sales data from the 2017 domestic season shows black grape category share has grown from 6.3 to 7.1 percent over the past five years, and Sun World anticipates this growth will continue, if not accelerate. Today, the company notes, top-performing retailers have a 10 percent share of category for black grapes, and this is a trend, Sun World says, that demonstrates the best practice of promoting black only grape ads to drive category growth.


Sun World currently offers a lineup of proprietary black grape varieties including MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, an early-season variety that impresses with large berry size and full-bodied sweetness; SABLE SEEDLESS®, known for their special Muscat and tropical flavor profile; and ADORA SEEDLESS®, a late-season, delicately sweet, and exceptionally large “two-bite” grape.

For more information about Sun World’s proprietary varieties, click here.

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