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SunFed Ramps Up Organic Growth; Now Shipping Organic Roma Tomatoes and Increasing Distribution of Bell Peppers

RIO RICO, AZ- Welcome to Behind the Greens. Dedicated to providing excellence and quality across its portfolio, Rio Rico, Arizona-based SunFed is expanding its focus on organic growth within its Perfect Produce offerings. With programs throughout Mexico’s fertile growing regions, SunFed is now shipping organic roma tomatoes and is increasing distribution of bell peppers with an eye on consistency, quality, and fresh innovations.

This most recent program expansion will support SunFed’s full line of conventional and organic produce, which currently includes colored bell peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, and melons. As SunFed invests in increasing its product offerings, the company will also be expanding its distribution through both Nogales, Arizona, and its new operations in McAllen, Texas.

SunFed growers work hand-in-hand with Mother Nature each day to create a balanced relationship with the land and its natural resources. From new, state-of-the-art developments in protected agriculture and proprietary greenhouse coverings to new technologies that allow growers to utilize the individual benefits of Mexico’s micro-climates; SunFed’s family of growers is moving closer and closer to year-round production. 

As much as 98% of what is grown, ends up in the company’s uniquely designed packaging and boxes. The ever-innovative team at SunFed presents retail partners with merchandising support and marketing materials to extend the story of SunFed to the produce floor.

Reports show that up to 40% of organic product is misrung at the register, and to address this challenge, SunFed is shipping bell peppers with the company’s wide, eye-catching Perfect Organic® bands as well as romas with a bright purple organic, call-out label.

These new organic bands ensure the produce is rung-up correctly and with ease at the register and the bands also help to add value to the organic programs for retail partners. Thank you for watching Behind the Greens.


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