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SunFed's Craig Slate Highlights Winter Squash Market

SunFed's Craig Slate Highlights Winter Squash Market

RIO RICO, AZ - Cooler weather means consumers are looking to warm up with fresh Autumn flavors. As such, I connected with SunFed to discuss this season's squash market in advance of holiday demand for the fall favorite.

Craig Slate, VP of Sales North America, SunFed

“As more consumers discover the unique flavor of Mexican Grey squash and they replace high carb items like spaghetti noodles with zucchini noodles, demand overall for squash is growing,” said Craig Slate, VP of Sales for SunFed.

SunFed reports that the summer squash season has ended, and the winter season is underway. Aside from Perfect Squash®, one of the several year-round items, the company is currently harvesting Mexican grey, yellow straight-neck, and zucchini squash—clocking in at 2 months through the 8 month winter/spring deal.

Squash Update

With all regions on track, SunFed noted that on the Eastern front, the market slowed a bit due to heavy rains and a hurricane. However, there are no significant issues to report from the weather events.

SunFed shared that volumes are meeting expectations, noting that last year's harvest was outstanding and this year appears to be continuing the trend. The demand continues to grow as cold fronts have started pushing their way through the country, drawing consumers to the nutty, familiar flavors that squash has to offer.

Squash Farm

“Our outstanding quality and optimized post-harvest practices always deliver vibrant, fully-hydrated, fresh fruit to the store shelves,” Craig responded, when I asked how the brand can assist retailers in differentiating the produce department.

Always anticipating the next step, SunFed notes that the summer/fall season will kick-off sometime in April.

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