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Sunview Marketing International's Marko Zaninovich Shares Proprietary Gem Seedless Grapes

DELANO, CA - With the debut of Sunview Vineyards’ proprietary Gem seedless grapes, the AndNowUKnow team had to come to the Delano, CA ranch and ask Marko Zaninovich just what makes them so unique, and learn a little bit more about the season at hand.

Gem Seedless Grapes

“Gem is a unique proprietary variety of Sunview Vineyards,” Zaninovich tells us. “This red seedless has a very large berry, is elongated, and most of all, it’s a brilliant red color. It’s a very crunchy berry. It's sugar is 19 to 21 right now.”

With picking for this variety lasting through September, Gem seedless grapes are expected to compliment an already great San Joaquin Valley table grape season.

Gem Seedless Grapes

“The grapes are full of flavor because the sugar is getting higher as we move along the season. We’ve been shipping grapes from the San Joaquin Valley since July, and will continue to do so into January,” Zaninovich shared.

Sunview's Vineyards

To learn more about Gem seedless grapes and to see AndNowUKnow’s exclusive interview with Marko Zaninovich, watch the full video above.

Sunview Marketing International

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