Super Starr International's Lance Peterson Discusses Viva Fresh Showcase

Super Starr International's Lance Peterson Discusses Viva Fresh Showcase

PHARR, TX - Looking for your own slice of a tropical paradise? Look no further than the Super Starr International booth at the upcoming Viva Fresh Expo. The Texas-based supplier will be showing off an enticing lineup of products that you simply do not want to miss. Take it from President Lance Peterson himself.

Lance Peterson, President, Super Starr International“Viva Fresh is a great show for Super Starr specifically, as we operate out of the Rio Grande Valley, and the show focuses on the Texas market along with customers from all over the United States and Canada,” Lance told me. “The event is a bit smaller than some of the shows later in the year, which allows for more direct connection between members. There are more opportunities for networking and building sales.”

Still thinking about that tropical paradise I dreamed up? The Super Starr booth will signal nothing but sunny skies with its spread of organic and conventional papayas, honeydews, cantaloupes, and other melons. Lance explained that the team aims to key in on the organic papaya program and all the different melons grown during the winter months.

Super Starr International will be showing off its organic and conventional melons at this year’s Viva Fresh Expo in addition to talking about the different melons grown during the winter months

“Super Starr offers the only fair-trade certified papayas on the market! Our practices consider the impact on the individual lives of both producers and consumers over time,” Lance stated. “We protect and support the well-being of farmers and all other workers while also ensuring that all our fruit is produced with vigilant consideration of the environment, including lab testing to increase crop resiliency and reduce chemical usage.”

When working with Super Starr, you gain direct access to the grower. This allows for hands-on quality control of its papayas from the seed to when it arrives to the customer. Super Starr is constantly monitoring all fresh products from field to retailer. The supplier is also conscious about how it operates and treats its people to give the final customer the best product possible.

The Super Starr International team will also key in on its organic papaya program as it brings in fair-trade certified offerings to the market

“At the show, we are looking forward to seeing retail and wholesale buyers along with friends in the business. This only happens once a year, and even though we all live pretty close to each other, we don’t necessarily get to visit very often,” Lance added.

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