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Tive Announces Partnership with Everstream Analytics

Tive Announces Partnership with Everstream Analytics

BOSTON, MA and SAN MARCOS, CA - Tive has made pivotal headway again in its mission to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency. This time, the solutions provider has announced a partnership with Everstream Analytics, a supply chain risk analytics company. Together, the two companies will combine their expertise to further reduce food loss and waste, optimize on-time and in-full performance, and increase collaboration between carriers and shippers.

Krenar Komoni, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tive“Ongoing global supply chain disruptions have caused our clients to become very focused on predicting and mitigating shipment delays and damage,” added Krenar Komoni, CEO and Founder, Tive. “Everstream Analytics has a unique ability to predictively score risk at the shipment level while monitoring disruptive events globally, and this compliments Tive’s strengths. This partnership will enhance how we currently help our clients eliminate in-transit delays and damage.”

This new partnership will be of particular interest to companies that ship temperature-sensitive products such as perishables, as Everstream’s machine learning analyzes billions of data points each day to predict the temperature for every 10 miles on a route up to two weeks in advance of shipment departure.

Tive has announced a partnership with Everstream Analytics, a supply chain risk analytics company

According to a press release, this ensures proper equipment is used while reducing transportation costs and guaranteeing shipment quality.

David Shilingford, Chief Executive Officer, Everstream Analytics“We have been impressed with Tive’s approach to addressing the complex needs for delivering real-time, multi-modal visibility through cutting-edge in-cargo trackers,” said David Shillingford, CEO, Everstream Analytics. “Tive delivers global GPS and cellular connectivity, real-time monitoring, and exceptional battery life at a price that enables single-use, which changes the game in the Real Time Transportation Visibility Platform (RTTVP) market. We see growing demand for this level of visibility, particularly for high-value and temperature-sensitive cargo around intramodal choke points. Our clients’ concerns over safety and environmental impact are also now addressed through Tive’s release of the world’s first non-Lithium 5G tracker.”

Brought together with Tive’s hyper-accurate location data and condition insights on temperature, shock, light, exposure, and humidity, customers will be able to experience a significant increase in their on-time and in-full shipments.

As Tive continues to move at lightening speed to improve supply chain operations, AndNowUKnow will keep you updated on the latest advancements.

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