Top Ag Authorities from U.S., Mexico, and Canada visit Bland Farms During Key NAFTA Discussions

Top Ag Authorities from U.S., Mexico, and Canada visit Bland Farms During Key NAFTA Discussions

GLENNVILLE, GA – United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue met with his counterparts across the contintent, Mexican Secretary Calzada and Canadian Minister MacAulay, as the trio of countries look to revise the NAFTA agreement. The three visited Bland Farms during their recent tour of southeast Georgia, in recognition of the company’s excellence as an industry leader.

Secretary Perdue tweeted about the visit, noting that, “Bland Farms in Glennville, GA, produces about 30 percent of all Vidalia onions. Partially sources in Mexico, operates in U.S., sells in Canada.”

Troy Bland, COO, Bland Farms“Bland Farms was honored to host the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and his counterparts both from Mexico and Canada,” said Troy Bland, COO. “It was one of the most significant moments in the history of Bland Farms, and a day I am proud to say I took part in.”

Company President and Owner Delbert Bland also noted the significance of the occasion.

Delbert Bland, President and Owner, Bland Farms“It was an honor to have the Secretary of Agriculture and his international counterparts stop by to learn about our operation,” said Delbert. “The more we understand about each other, the better we can all work together.”

Perdue echoed these sentiments and noted the importance of the three nations’ international cooperation.

“Our visit to Georgia fostered the mutual understanding and personal relationships that will help North American agriculture thrive, improve our regional partnership and collaboration, and strengthen our trading relationship,” said Perdue.

As NAFTA negotiations continue to unfold, the company noted, Bland Farms is proud to be recognized by Secretary Perdue as a company whose model and practices will aid in crafting legislation for an even stronger future.

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